Voodoo Rush

The Voodoo Rush is basically Voodoo Graphics with 2D support.

The 3Dfx Interactive Voodoo Rush accelerator provides the highest performance 3D solution with full PC compatibility for multimedia graphics acceleration. The 3Dfx Voodoo Rush is a high performance 3D accelerator that works in conjunction with a compatible 2D accelerator. The 3Dfx Voodoo Rush seamlessly connects to the 2D graphics accelerator to function as a high performance 3D engine for PC games or professional applications in the CAD or authoring markets. This unique architecture allows full, simultaneous access to the multimedia features of the 2D device and the advanced 3D functions in the Voodoo Rush 3D accelerator.


Seamless interface to compatible 2D accelerators
Advanced triangle setup in hardware
Perspective correct texture mapping
Bi-linear and tri-linear texture filtering
Level-of-detail (LOD) MIP mapping
Sub-pixel and sub-texel correction
Gouraud shading and texture modulation
Full 24-bit rendering, dithered to 16-bit RGB
13 texture formats including 8-bit compressed and 8-bit paletted formats
Full bi-linear blending of paletted and compressed textures
2 or 4 Mbytes EDO DRAM of texture memory
Scalable Performance

45 Mpixels/sec sustained fill rate for bi-linear or advanced filtered textures
1,000,000 Textured triangles/sec on a P-166 PCI system
Leading Performance

45 Mpixels/sec sustained fill rate for bi-linear or tri-linear filtered textures with LOD MIP-mapping, Z-buffering, alpha-blending and fogging enabled
Over 1M triangles/sec for filtered, LOD MIP-mapped, Z-buffered, alpha-blended, fogged, textured triangles
Advanced Features

Depth buffering (16-bit linear, 22-bit effective)
Alpha blending
Per-pixel special effects: fog, transparency, translucency
Texture compositing, morphing, animation
Linear frame buffer access


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