Voodoo 2

The Voodoo 2 From 3dfx. Two of these cards were able to be SLIed together for double the performance.

Fueled by the award-winning Voodoo2 chipset from 3dfx, the V2 1000 PCI turns your PC into a raging 3D game machine. The V2 1000 PCI works with your computer's existing 2D graphics card to pump out over 3 million triangles per second to deliver today's hottest games at insanely fast frame rates. Dual texture units on the V2 1000 PCI deliver Patented Single Pass, Single Cycle Multi-Texturing for state-of-the-art special effects in an amazing 16.7 million colors. And if your need for speed still isn't satisfied, the exclusive Scan-Line Interleave (SLI) mode designed into every V2 1000 PCI allows you to link two cards in one machine to bring your resolutions as high as 1024x768 at frame rates so high, they have to be seen to be believed!


Dual texture engines for an incredible 180 megatexel (bilinear MIP-map textured pixel) fill rate
Full Direct3D hardware acceleration including Single-Pass Bilinear and Trilinear MIP-map with Triple-buffering and Z-buffering
Compatible with 3dfx Glide API and Direct3D titles with full hardware acceleration
12MB of High Performance EDO DRAM
4MB Frame Buffer Memory & 8MB of Texture Processing Buffer
Up to 800x600 Resolution with Full Hardware 3D Acceleration
Compatible with any SVGA Multimedia Accelerator

3dfx Voodoo2 Controller
PCI 2.1 Bus Type
12 MB EDO Ram
90MHz Core Clock Speed
800x600, 1024x768 SLI Maximum Resolution
Direct3D, Glide, OpenGL Mini Driver API supports
2 DB-15 Connectors
Alpha Blending
Alpha Transparency
Single Pass, Single Cycle Bump Mapping
Single Pass, Single Cycle Trilinear MIP-Mapping
Gouraud Shading
Programmable Fog Tables
Exponential Fog Tables
Patented Single Pass, Single Cycle Multi-Texturing
LOD MIP-Mapping
Sub Pixel and Sub Texel Correction
SLI (Scan Line Interleave) connector and supplied cable to connect a second V2 1000 PCI or BLACKMAGIC 3D adapter (in adjacent PCI slot) for double 3D processing power
SVGA loopback cable included, compatible with any SVGA multimedia accelerator


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