Vegas was the board used by Atari and Midway back in 1998-2000 for their arcade systems. Information from System 16.

Component Hardware Used
Graphics Voodoo Banshee
Sound DCS Sound System (ADSP-2104)
Board Composition CPU Board, IO Board, Voodoo Banshee Board, Hard Drive

Games Arcade Board Version Year Released
CART Fury Midway 2000
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Midway 1999
Gauntlet: Legends Atari 1998
NBA Showtime : NBA on NBC Midway 1999
NBA Showtime - NFL Blitz 99 Midway 2000
NBA Showtime Gold - NFL Blitz 2000 Gold Edition Midway 2000
NFL Blitz 2000 Gold Edition Midway 1999
Road Burners Atari 1999
Sportstation (NBA Showtime : NBA on NBC / NFL Blitz 2000 Gold edition) Midway 2000
Tenth Degree / Juko Threat Atari 1999
War: Final Assault Atari 1999


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