One of the never released cards by 3dfx. Pictures from NuAngel.

Daytona with TV Out (above).
Daytona with DVI connector (above).

The Daytona GPU, also known as the Napalm 2, VSA-101, VSA-102, and VSA-200 is very similar to the VSA-100. The only main differences are that it is clocked at 200mhz, and it supports DDR RAM. In a single chip solution, it would have 64 megs of RAM dedicated to the one chip. This would not have given it more than twice the memory bandwidth of the VSA-100 though it did have DDR RAM, but the bus width was only 64-bits. The only performance gain wouldve been the higher clock speed. It was not known if an SLI setup for these cards was planned, but the single chip version would've been called Voodoo 4 4800.

What If?
If the Voodoo 4/5 line of cards were released on time, and this card came out 6 months after them(about June/July 2000 when the Voodoo 4/5 line ended up being released), this card would have been competeing with the GeForce 2 Pro and Ultra, and lost.

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