Old News

Here is the section where all the old news form the site will be put.

Many broken links have been fixed and the site has been cleaned up a little.

The site now has a new domain, rashly3dfx.com. The Tripod and Towson servers will now forward here. Please update your bookmarks.

New drivers were released for Voodoo 3/4/5 based cards for Windows 2000 and XP. They have support for some new games like CS:S. Props go out to SFFT and the 3dfxzone.it team for keeping things alive.

Many broken links have been fixed and the site has been cleaned up a little.

The Rampage section was updated with links to more pictures and a link to a US Patent from Rampage for a "Graphics processing system having a virtual texturing array." The Rampage section was also updated with information on the technology that went into nVidia products.

I went through and updated the whole site. New sections include the article, Black Belt, Brazos, and Vegas. The Rampage section has been completely redone with new information.

I released V3/V4/V5 drivers for windows XP. So far these seem to be the best drivers available for XP, so download them from the drivers section and try them out.

New Rampage photos in the Rampage section!!! Also, head over to nuangel.net and pick yourself up a copy of the full 3dfx driver source. Other links are:

Also, go to http://kirby.colorado.edu/jrr/3dfx/rampage/3dfx_rampage_drivers.zip for a copy of the rampage drivers (brought to you by rashly and distributed by Val). Don't blame me for dead links on these ones ;).

Updated Rampage, Daytona, Links, Forums, and Drivers pages. A Fear/Mojo page might be added in the future. Look for the rest of the files to be working sometime this summer when the server is up and running on a static IP.

Server is built, files are ready, and the domain is set. I just have to configure Windows 2000 Server to limit my bandwidth so I dont get murdered by my ISP and all the files and more will be up and running. Hopefully two weeks ::crosses fingers:: (yeah, i know i said that last time and it took about eight months, but we'll see what happens this time.)

Site is finished and uploaded. The files are not available yet because the server is not up and running. Expect the files to be up and running, and a new URL in less than a week.

OGL ICD, MiniGL, SDK's, Company, and Employee pages are done. Still looking for a hard drive for the server.

Flash intro, all the pages in the Main section, the BIOS page, Voodoo 3, Voodoo 4, Voodoo 5, Daytona, and Rampage pages are done. Looking for a hard drive for the server.

Finished Flash navigation and HTML template. Began working on individual pages.

Started making Flash navigation and HTML template.

Started collecting files and information for the site.

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