Here are some links to other sites.

3dfx Related Description
x-3dfx The x3dfx community web site.
3dfx Zone A great Italian 3dfx site which is home to the current driver development team.
Voodoo Users Another great site with alot of information and files.
Voodoofiles A great news site which hosts many 3dfx drivers.
Stanto's World A site that brought the Voodoo BIOS's to the public.
Storm International Site with 3dfx wallpapers and files.
x3dfx InfoNews Now Defunct, but still has many links and useful information.

Non-3dfx Related Description
Beyond3D The smartest 3D technology site on the internet.
Elite Bastards Another good 3D technology website. Everything to do with overclocking is here.
Shacknews A site with gaming news and reviews.

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