Here is a section which lists some of the employees that used to work at 3dfx. This list is outdated and incomplete.

Scott Sellers
Founder and Senior Vice President, Product Development
Scott Sellers co-founded 3dfx with Gary Tarolli and Ross Smith in August 1994. He is currently responsible for conception, architecture, design and positioning of all 3dfx products. In less than four years, Sellers has grown the engineering team from two to more than 140 engineers. Sellers was responsible for the development of the Voodoo Graphics, Voodoo2, Voodoo Banshee and Voodoo3 architectures. He has been awarded three patents for his work. Prior to founding 3dfx, Sellers served as principal engineer at MediaVision Technology, as a microprocessor engineer at Pellucid, Inc. and as a member of the technical staff at Silicon Graphics, where he began his career. Sellers received his bachelor’s of science in electrical engineering, graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton University. His 3D career began early -- while in fifth grade -- when he drew his first 3D “castle” viewer in wireframe to appease his “Dungeons and Dragons” playing addiction.

Alex Leupp
President and CEO
Dr. Alex Leupp joined 3dfx in November 1999. As president and CEO, he is responsible for the development and implementation of the company's market strategy. Dr. Leupp brings more than 25 years of semiconductor industry experience to 3dfx and has served as a director on the 3dfx board of directors since October 1998. Prior to joining 3dfx, Dr. Leupp was president and CEO of Chip Express Corporation, a semiconductor company. Previously, he spent 12 years with Siemens Microelectronics, where he served as president and CEO for six years. Earlier in his career, Dr. Leupp held executive management positions at Fairchild Semiconductor, Hughes Aircraft and California Devices. He holds several U.S. patents on semiconductor design and fabrication. Dr. Leupp holds a Ph.D. degree in semiconductor physics, an MSEE degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, and a bachelors of arts degree in business administration from the University of Redlands, California.

Gordon Campbell
Chairman of the Board and Founder
In his thirty-year career, Campbell has held positions in engineering, sales, marketing and management at Honeywell, Intersil and Motorola. He developed, implemented and managed much of Intel’s marketing efforts prior to founding and incubating the start-up of many companies, the most notable of which are SEEQ Technology, CHIPS and Technologies, Inc., and 3dfx Interactive. Campbell founded Techfarm to create a new model for early and expansion stage technology start-ups that would partner cutting edge technologies with seasoned managerial and financial experience.

Campbell has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as Entrepreneur of the Year for his achievements and by major business and technology publications as a leading pioneer in high-technology. He is considered a driving force in the evolution of the semiconductor, personal computer, networking, and the Internet sectors.

Campbell has pioneered many technological innovations, including the world's first Ethernet chip, the world's first electrically erasable microcomputer, the first PC on a chip, the first IBM-compatible graphics controller for personal computers, and the invention of the chipset upon which all personal computers are built today -- currently over 100 million per year. Additionally, Campbell is known as the father of the fabless semiconductor industry, a model which is now used by thousands of companies and represents 10% of the semiconductor industry or 15 billion dollars of revenue per year.

He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors at numerous portfolio companies, including 3dfx Interactive. He also serves on other Boards of Directors including 3Com Corporation and Bell Micro.

Employee Job
Michael Howse President Of The House
Reid Campbell Driver Development
Al Reyes Worked with OpenGL
Deanna Hohn Worked with OpenGL
Don Mullis Worked with OpenGL
James Bowman Worked with OpenGL
Jeffrey Newquist Worked with OpenGL
Martin Amon Worked with OpenGL
Paul Jensen Worked with OpenGL
Paula Womack Worked with OpenGL
Rob Wheeler Worked with OpenGL
Brian Burke Technology Trade & Gaming Press
Christopher H. Dow Worked with OpenGL, Glide, and Hardware Design
Bill White Worked with Glide, and Mesa
Jeff White Rampage And Other
Andy Hanson Rampage, Glide, Other
Marla Kertzman Director Of Public Relations
Bubba Wolford Public Relations
Marianne Herber International Press
Andrew Humber UK Contact
Christina Erskine UK Bastion
Simona Menghini Italy Contact
Dieter Marchsreiter Germany Contact
Michael Jäderholm Sweden Contact
Virginia Huerta Spain Contact
Olga Vera Spain Account Manager
Rumeur Public France Contact
Joseph Kain N/A

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