Drivers take up a hell of alot of webspace and bandwidth, and rather than compete with other sites, I've decided to link to the best driver sites out there.

File Description
3dfx Zone Drivers Here are the best drivers available. They have support for new games like CS:S and Doom3, and they even Windows XP 64-bit support.
Rashly V3/V4/V5 Windows XP 1.1 Drivers Here is the driver that I made from mixing the official 3dfx drivers and using the 3dfx-c tweaks(If you need 3dfx Tools, get them here).
Rampage Drivers Here is the only known version of Rampage drivers.

Driver Archive Description
Falconfly This is the biggest archive of 3dfx drivers on the net. You could find almost every official, beta, and third party driver here.
Guru3D A huge driver archive with all companies represented.
Voodoo Files A huge 3dfx driver and tool archive.

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