Here are the BIOS for most of the 3dfx video cards. Most of these files were obtained from Santo's World and more BIOS can be found there.

Voodoo 3 1000

Voodoo 3 2000

Voodoo 3 3000
2.15.12SD Modded
2.15.12SD Power Color

Voodoo 3 3500
2.15.03 PAL
2.15.04 NTSC
2.15.05 NTSC
2.15.05 PAL

Voodoo 4 4000
1.05a PCI

Voodoo 4 4500
1.15 AGP
1.15 PCI
1.16 AGP

Voodoo 5 5000
1.00a PCI

Voodoo 5 5500
1.00 PCI
1.06 AGP
1.11 PCI
1.15 AGP
1.16 PCI Modded RAM Timings
1.16 PCI
1.18 AGP Modded RAM Timings
1.18 AGP

Flash Instructions
1) Extract the FLASH and BIOS files to a floppy or a temporary directory.
2) Reboot the system to DOS. If Windows 95/98 is being used, reboot and press F8 when "Starting Windows..." appears and choose "Command Prompt Only"
3) At the DOS prompt, switch to the floppy or the temporary directory that the files were extracted to.
4) At that prompt type FLASH followed by the BIOS ROM filename.
EXAMPLE: If you use a floppy and the BIOS ROM file you want to flash is named "55k115p.rom", you would type:
A:\>flash 55k115p.rom
5) After the BIOS has been flashed, power off then reboot the system.

BIOS Programs Description
V5 Flash A Voodoo 5 flashing utility.
Flash Recover A program to help you recover bad flashes.
BIOS Edit 1.0 A program to edit the BIOS.

BIOS Documentation
Voodoo 4/5 BIOS Revisions (0.01-1.06)

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